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01 "Just Another Day at The Red Carpet" DVD (Compilation of songs with video and photos) + Wooden Case = IDR 100K   08 Red Carpet Coaster Square Large 16.5cm x 16.5cm = IDR 35K
02 Red Carpet Champagne Napkin 30cm x 30cm = IDR 50K   09 Red Carpet Salt & Pepper Mill = IDR 195K
03 Martini Glass ( 1 set) = IDR 260K   10 Red Carpet Ashtray = IDR 300K
04 Red Carpet Beer Bucket, metal handle with ice cube tong = IDR 100K   11 Red Carpet Coaster Square Medium 11.5cm x 11.5cm = IDR 25K
05 Red Carpet and Moet & Chandon Champagne Glass = IDR 99K   12 Red Carpet Coaster Square Small 9cm x 9cm (4 pcs) = IDR 60K
06 Glass Candle Holder, 3/4 matt = IDR 250K   13 Red Carpet Coaster Round Small 9cm x 9cm (4 pcs) = IDR 60K
07 Red Carpet Hand Towel Square 30cm x 30cm = IDR 90K   14 Ice Cube Light, Red Color = IDR 50K

Shirt Embroidery Design (Click image to enlarge)